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Gasmet CVAF Continuous Mercury Emissions Monitor

Gasmet Continuous Mercury Emissions Monitoring System CVAFThe Continuous Mercury Monitor (CMM) manufactured by Gasmet uses state-of-the-art technology.

Cold Vapour Atomic Fluorescence (CVAF) detection is employed giving the advantages of:

  • Interference free measurement (e.g. from SO2, HCl)

  • Exceptional Sensitivity (ng per Nm3 LOD)

  • In-situ sample conditioning

  • Dilution probe, without need for a separate dilution gas

  • Thermal converstion of Hg2+ to Hg0

  • Modular construction

The CMM system consists of:

  • Dilution Sample Probe

  • Mercury Analyser

  • Calibration Unit

  • Industrial Computer


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